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Earth Day: Celebrate Brands that Give Back

Posted by John Scarr on
Earth Day: Celebrate Brands that Give Back

By: John Scarr and Kelly Kabotoff

If we haven't already made it abundantly clear- Earth Day is an extremely special day to all of us here on the Lake and Company team. Lake culture is inherently  intertwined with the health of our natural environment and the communities that thrive around it– but then there's that big old elephant in the room - the retail industry as a whole is a major source of waste and pollution. And changing that is going to take more than reusable bags and telling people to turn their lights off. 

Part of Lake and Company's mission is to offer and promote brands that push the industry towards the path of sustainable practices, as well as environmentally and socially conscious action. A majority of the products on our shelves are made by companies on a mission to protect and give back. Here are some of our favorite brands and what they do to make a difference.

GOAL ZEROInspired by passion for adventure, respect for the planet, and a humanitarian heart, Goal Zero is dedicated to bringing portable solar products to everyone. They create innovative products that are perfect for going off the grid on your next adventure, while also bringing products to people who don’t have access to power due to things like poverty and natural disasters. Shop Goal Zero Products or learn more about how you can help them support social initiatives through their Share the Sun program and other humanitarian efforts at 

|  We love a great pair of sunglasses – eyeballs need protection from the sun and a great shades make a statement.  Zeal Optics produces their high quality sunglasses from plant based materials with minimal environmental impact. In their words – They want to “help you see the world around you more clearly while protecting the views that inspire us for generations to come.” Added benefits include polarized lenses, super durable frames made to withstand your biggest adventures, and fashion forward styles. Shop Zeal Products

UNITED BY BLUE | When we first met the United By Blue team we could tell they were more than just a cool apparel, gear, and home goods brand. We could see that community was a huge part of their mission.  For every product purchased, they remove one pound of trash from our world’s oceans and waterways. They check the environmentally conscious box without a problem - their products are made to last, the materials are sustainably sourced, and they are all about processes that significantly minimize the impact on our environment. As of now, United by Blue has removed over 3.5 million pounds of trash from our oceans and waterways. Shop United by Blue Products

SHERPANI | We have a huge appreciation for function and style, and Sherpani bags accomplish that on all levels. They also make a huge effort into pairing that with a sustainable model - which seals the deal for us. Sherpani bags are where high fashion meets serious function, all while fighting to protect our natural environment. In 2008 they started the Blue Verve Project, and since then they have repurposed an estimated 3.2 million water bottles that might have otherwise polluted our land and seas. Shop Sherpani Products

We love a great adventure, no matter where it takes us. And Topo Designs makes gear made for anywhere on your map. The Colorado-based company is rooted in outdoor living, but they also love the adventure of exploring cities around the world. What we personally love about Topo's approach is that they manufacture their layers to last - and when they do eventually fail, Topo has a "repair don't replace" philosophy.  This is the  type of fundamental change we would like to see in the industry as a whole. Here it is directly from them:

COTOPAXILast but not least - beneath the colorful designs of Cotopaxi is a deep and genuine commitment to improving communities around the world and protecting our environment. Their accomplishments are impressive, to say the least. To start - this company has awarded 42 grants in six countries to non-profits with a proven track record of improving quality of life and alleviating the stresses that come with poverty. On the environmental end, Cotopaxi tracks their environmental impact throughout the year and finds ways to offset their carbon footprint. Not only that- they are on track to eliminate single use plastics by 2022. Shop Cotopaxi Products

These are only some of the amazing companies that we get to work with- check out for more innovative and sustainable products.

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