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Creating Immersive Art Experiences

Posted by Maria Hileman on
Creating Immersive Art Experiences

Q&A with Kada Goalen

Kada Goalen is the founder, lead artist and head of creative at Kada Creative, a local Minnesota art and design company. A Minnesota native, Kada has spent the last 20 years working with clients to create their dream space through art. Blending the client’s vision with her artistic knowledge and experience to infuse their space with art and creativity, she helps make their dream a reality.

How did you begin in this field?

Since I was young, I have gravitated to the immersive experience of art, always utilizing art to best express myself. And once I started, I never looked back. In college, I studied fine art at UMass. My studies then brought me to Italy, where I learned to see paintings in layers. I continued to build my skill set through practice, travel and teachings. After college, I began a small side business of painting murals and kids’ rooms.  

What inspires you?

This small business quickly blossomed into a career of working with all types of clients in multiple forms. Be it a bold graphic mural reflecting a company’s updated look or a watercolor mural nestled into the vestibule of a home, or anything in between, this is where I continue my work today. If you dream it, I can create it. It is this constant inspiration and collaboration with clients that keeps me motivated and inspired, and what draws so many clients to me as well.

What would you consider your “sweet spot”?

The passion behind Kada Creative comes from a desire to support my clients in capturing who they are and bringing their vision and values alive through my art. I love bringing this immersive experience of art, color and the creative spirit into new environments and making my clients’ dreams for their spaces come true. Adept in all mediums, I have the ability to deeply listen to my clients and turn their goals for their space into a reality. Each project is developed with the client specifically in mind, and as a result the breadth of my work holds an abundance of diversity, uniqueness and fun. 

Whether it is a brand-centered mural created to reflect a company and elevate a space, or a mural, stencil or ceiling design in the home, I know that art matters. I see the power of art to infuse vision into a space — welcoming, supporting and inspiring those who engage with it. Engaging my clients in this transformational experience of art to reflect their values and vision is my own dream come true. I love welcoming all of my clients into their own one-of-a-kind design.


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