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The Wooden Sound System - B&W Marbled - The Lake and Company

The Wooden Sound System - B&W Marbled


The Black & White Marbled series is a combination of the best selling models: The Razor Black meets The Special Edition Marbled, resulting in classy and one-of-a-kind visual patterns that elevate the best selling Wooden Sound System to the next level. -

  • Handcrafted from 100% pure birchwood.
  • Requires no batteries or power source. -
  • Universal dock fits all smartphone models. -
  • The unique acoustical properties of birchwood deliver a warmer tone, smoother highs, and more prominent bass. -
  • Specially engineered inner sound tunnel and rings increase volume by 25 dB - an average sound increase of %400. -
The Wooden Sound System is not just great for listening to music, but also in making phone calls easier to hear for both sides. It is a thoughtful and functional gift in these times of isolation. A companion to phone calls, camping trips, gardening activities, cooking sessions and more.