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Jujube Wood Mug l Eco-friendly - The Lake and Company

Jujube Wood Mug l Eco-friendly


THE DETAILS: ▸ Jujube wood cup. Raw, untreated wood. ▸ Size: 7cm in diameter x 8cm in height. ▸ Machine washable at low temperature or by hand. ▸ Vegan product. We like ♡: its natural wood which absorbs heat. Ideal for sipping a chilled tea or cocktail. Jujube wood was also used to make violin pegs or castanets.A Jujube wood's piece of art used as a cup, coffee mug, or tea mug Reusable, biodegradable, and washable, this cup will become your new eco-trend allies! Why Bambooju? - Almost zero ecological footprint thanks to transportation by rail - These products respect a 100% natural production process and each piece is unique!