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Red Enamel Camp Mug - The Lake and Company

Red Enamel Camp Mug


This is the last camping mug you'll ever need. Constructed of a thick, sturdy steel mug coated in enamel, made to last for generations. The lip and handle receive a double coating of enamel for added durability and our logo has been hand placed and baked onto the side of the mug. Enjoy a steaming cup of coffee on a brisk mountain morning, or hot cocoa around the campfire. Use it to weight down a corner of the map as you chart your next course. Or just strap it on your pack, tuck in your beard, and track new paths through the wilderness.

Hand-made by skilled craftsmen in the country of Poland - where enamelware has been produced for over 100 years.

From our friends at Sanborn Canoe Company