At Lake + Co. we believe we are only as good as the company we keep. We are an independent, bootstrapped, community-driven, women-owned company built on hard work, enthusiasm, and a whole lot of grit. We are a socially conscious magazine and shop, carefully curated with a give-back mission that supports adventure, innovation, conservation and community.


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Storytelling. That's truly our mission with Lake Time Magazine - to go beyond. To make the connection, expand the boundaries of our individualistic pursuit of happiness, and shift reality. The more we promote, applaud and actively inspire well-intended efforts, the more others will be drawn to them.

In that spirit, we urge you to take a cue from those who are, and have been, making waves - the adventures, the activists, the makers, the doers, the dreamers... they're all right here in the pages of Lake Time Magazine. And, amazingly, in our neck of the woods. We love the idea of the unknown, and we celebrate those bold enough to explore.