Meet the Makers - MPowHer Collective

Meet the Makers - MPowHer Collective

Meet the Makers - MPowHer Collective

By: Megan Perron

Well, hey! I'm Megan, Founder, and Designer of MPowHer Collective. I'm mama to my super cute two-year-old, wife and business owner - times two. I'd say my story is the most significant feature setting MPowHer apart from other coaching and apparel businesses. I'm excited to share a bit of it with you!

I have seen much adversity throughout my life after being abandoned by my biological parents as a teen, surviving cancer, years of chronic pain, and learning how to make it on my own with nothing. I've struggled with my self-worth and even felt like I didn't deserve to live. Focusing on my health and living fully is where I found my renewed purpose and passion. I have no doubt I'm walking in my life's purpose of helping others.

In June 2020, I founded MPowHer Fit. I’m a Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, PN 1, and Pre/Postnatal Specialist. I'm passionately pursuing my mission of helping women find balance amidst the chaos of busy schedules.

My survived traumas and drive attract my ideal client. I am an open book with my journey to help reach others where they are without shame or judgment. Just three days after I filed my LLC, we found out Blakely Grey was on her way! She made her Earth side debut on Valentine's Day 2021. Pregnancy and entering motherhood have been challenging and rewarding experiences allowing me to relate even further to my clients. After giving birth, I quickly found that nothing fit quite right anymore. I began thoughtfully designing fitness apparel for bodies that have been through it all and can do it all. MPowHer Apparel was born; a year later, here we are!

We cannot pour from an empty cup- self-care is non-negotiable. It’s more than workouts, eating well, or a cute gym fit. It’s meeting the version of yourself you’ve always wanted to the less stressed, less anxious, more confident, more energized, and genuinely happier you.

MPowHer gives back 15% to women in need for different causes near and dear to our brand's heart. May is mental health awareness month. To honor this, we're giving back to NAMI. At checkout, it's encouraged to include words of remembrance or support for those battling or who have lost their battle with mental illness. We're handwriting these notes and delivering them in a memory box alongside our monetary donation!


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