Storytelling with Podcast Host Lindsay Bednar

Storytelling with Podcast Host Lindsay Bednar

Storytelling: with podcast host Lindsay Bednar 

When asked to articulate what she does for her career, Lindsay Bednar simply states, “I hold space for people.” 

As the founder and operator of Rodney K Press, a boutique Minnesota publishing company, and the podcast host of Storytelling with Lindsay Bednar, she does just that. 

“When I think about how I’ve shown up throughout my life, whether it was in friendships, in my 12-year teaching career, in publishing or now with guests on my podcast, that is the essence of what I do. I hold space for people to bring forward stories already within them.” 

Lindsay has always had a profound interest in hearing people’s stories, and she believes every person has an important story to tell.  

“It’s basically my tagline — everybody has a story. And because we all have our own unique experiences, which give us a trademark perspective, it is crucial that we share our stories to better bridge the gaps that are between us. Empathy derives from truly seeing one another, and that has to come from listening with an open heart.” 

Her desire to bring forward people’s stories grew over the past several years. As she watched the division of people grow greater, she wanted to bring guests forward who could broaden people’s perspectives, bring humanity to an issue and allow her audience to see the nuances of the world.  

“My intention with each guest is to allow them to feel seen. Whether we agree with someone or not, when we better understand them as individuals, we can appreciate the position from which they operate. I truly believe this is the way to dissolve the hard lines in the sand that are all too often drawn.” 

Lindsay laughs when she says that her podcast doesn’t fall under any particular category and is not niche, which she says is technically a podcast no-no. 

“I am interested in so many different subjects — health, healing, business, science, technology, parenting, relationships and beyond, and I think most everyone else is too. It wouldn’t make sense to limit the topics of my podcast when there are so many fascinating things to learn.” 

Combining her growth mindset with her passion for understanding people has already brought forward an array of interesting guests — and she is just getting started. 

“I started the podcast in November 2022 and I have a long list of people with whom I still want to connect. Humans are remarkable, and being able to hear their personal stories of hardships, triumph, hard work and innovation inspires me with every single recording. My hope is that each episode inspires my audience just as they inspire me.” 


Check out Lindsay's podcast here - and pick up Issue 25 to read more about her inspiring guests.